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Savings | RJ Naved

Savings #rjnaved
FF MAGIC GAMING : Kon kon kisi or kaam se aaya tha or ye video dekhne lag gya
Abhi M : He is just legend Maan.....
Panther Strike : Sir jabhi aapki video aati hai tabhi cahe kitna bhi pareshaan ho ya agar khush bhi to aur kush ho jaate hai aur relax ho jaate hai . Well done sir .
Noob Pro : Legends still believe it's a prank
Shสk†i कट्टर हिंदू : His Voice ☺☺☺

20. Savings

MIT 14.73 The Challenge of World Poverty, Spring 2011
View the complete course:
Instructor: Abhijit Banerjee

License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
More information at
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ROHIT GOGOI : Got recommended after his nobel.
Sanjid Rahman : - why one ought to save - 0:23
- why one ought not to save - 3:22
- why can the poor not save on on bank accounts - 14:46
- how can the poor save without bank
   - save at home - 18:15
   - ROSCA - 21:00
   - building on a house - 32:20
   - jewellery or gold - 37:14
   - money guard - 40:44
- the mathematics - 51:01
- experiments done in India and Phillipines - 1:01:02
Tintin 3210 : Congratulation sir for your noble prize.We are proud of you.Good lecture
Adharsh Vas : I usually can't focus during lectures and found them really boring back in college especially Economics subjects, but this lecture caught my undivided attention at the beginning and didn't divert throughout. I like how comparisons were made between various savings methods in a simple way without any text book definitions. Really hope this level of education quality is adopted in India. Would really love to do my masters in such universities in the future if my finances permit.
Ryan Kumar : Basic concepts of savings is illustrated with easy, practical examples. Can be very beneficial for non-financial background.

How To Save Money Fast - 18 Money Saving Tips

Learning how to save money fast can be beneficial for anyone. There are many good reasons to start saving and these simple money saving tips will help you do just that. Whether it’s for a trip, an unexpected bill or a down payment, there are a lot of ways to save money fast!

Thankfully, saving money is not that hard. You can save a significant amount of cash just by learning how to budget and making some small changes. Not only will you learn to value money in the process, but you’ll also learn which strategies work best for you. Of course, there’s more to saving than just cutting costs. There are numerous ways to make more money so you can save more.

Besides, having a little extra in your savings account will give you the security to actually enjoy life.


Music: Epidemic Sound
Visuals: VideoBlocks / Adobe Stock / Pexels / Pixabay / Other
Voice-over Recording, Audio \u0026 Video Production by Brainy Dose

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UNLEASHING POTENTIAL - PSYCHOLOGY VIDEOS : One of the best ways to save money is to avoid eating out as much.
Dani D TV : Great savings tips! I recently did a savings challenge and managed to save $1300 a month by cutting down household costs and "frivolous" spending. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing!!!
Save Money Tricks : I love your tips on saving money! I also believe that everyone should be smart about managing their hard earned money.
olivia : How Ive always saved money.
1. Never bought anything on credit. Cash only.
2. Have saved 25% of my paycheck every month since the age of 21. I'm 55 now.
3. Living in a house that we bought cash, saved money to do so.
4. Buy the clothes I only need. They can cost more but it's classic and good quality.
5. Never go shopping without a grocery list.
6,. No need of a big flashy car.
7. No landlines phone.
8. Do yoga and run. No gym card.
9. Eat fruits instead of candy. Drink water instead of sodas.
10. Live your life without comparing to others.
Alexandra : Check your automated payments to make sure you aren’t being charged fees. I recently found out I was being charged a $2 per month fee for one company to do automatic monthly payments. This bill has 3 separate accounts so that’s $2 x 3 = $6 per month x 12 months = $72 per year. I called and changed to annual payments in full and will save this $72. (I don’t mind paying in full each year, but if not I could have paid on their website each month or set up auto payments with my bank to avoid these fees.)




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